[} Get in touch, notify me on joacimeldre [at] gmail [dot] com. Or reach me through Twitter, Facebook or Discord.

[} I currently work as a full stack developer in the IT industry. Daily tasks including maintenance, debugging, programming (C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and general trouble shooting of EPiServer and SharePoint (2010, 2013, 2016 and Online).

During time off work I value creativity and I enjoy small adventures to see what I am able to create. This can be anything from exploring a special effect used in a game to a concept or design I or someone else has. Including, but not limited to everything in between.




[} I have a bachelor degree in Virtual Arts from the University College of Hedmark. Specializing in concept art and digital graphics, with a sprinkle of game development, user experience and bit of interface design and motion graphics. My main interest is squeezing my brain for visual ideas (be it characters, creatures, worlds and everything between) and then twisting and pulling at them until they’re fully workable designs.

Furthermore I enjoy developing mechanics and brainstorming ideas for games with creative and hilarious mechanics, while maintaining a strong dedication to story telling that results in games that are enjoyable while having a certain depth. The kind that is “easy to understand, difficult to master”. Ultimately the type of games that leaves the player with a feeling of “Woah! This has been a really good experience.”. My dream is plain and simple to be part of developing those kind of games.

[} I’ve worked on the development of a third person action adventure game titled Bark together with five other game development graduates. Bark is a game inspired by Norwegian and Scandinavian folklore and features well known characters such as trolls, hulders, and a series of miscellaneous otherworldly creatures.

My role in the project was to design core game mechanics using Kismet (graphical object oriented programming), piece the game world together, creating special effects using Cascade (particle engine), optimizing collision, lighting design and doing concept art for environments, characters and various assets.

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