Bark Diary – Particles

Published July 8th, 2012
Category BarkDiary, Blog, Development

Here’s a new segment I’ll try to throw up on the blog once in a while. I want this segment to be a window from development out to whoever is interested in how parts of game development is done. I’ll share some words and technical insight into the development of Bark, an adventure game I’m currently helping develop at Roofmoose.

My current task on the team is to create particle systems in Unreal Development Kit, using a framework called Cascade. It’s a very interesting and exciting task to be given, but also slightly overwhelming. Particles, or special effects, for a game is probably more important than most people think! In my opinion special effects makes the world come alive, it adds life and movement to a scene that otherwise would be quite static. I’d even go as far as to say it’s of the same importance as animations.

Imagine a game like Blizzard’s Diablo 3 without flashes and swishes trailing along your hits, it would be dull. Or think of a movie like Transformers without explosions (yes, I said it! Hi, Michael Bay) and debris flying everywhere after the hit. That, to an extent, is how important special effects are in games and movies.

Feel free to ask questions or come with requests about particles in UDK and I’ll do my best to answer and show.