Leaf Particles

Published March 12th, 2013
Category BarkDiary, Development, Portfolio

Particle effect depicting falling leaves to be used in an outdoor environment for a game project that is currently being developed.

The particle system is made with Unreal Engine Cascade, texture is made with Adobe Photoshop, mesh model is made with Autodesk 3DS Max and simplified using Simplygon (tool included in Unreal Engine’s Static Mesh Editor). I could probably have shrunk the size of the final diffuse texture map and discarded a lot of the details – but it was fun making and it’s even more fun showing off (possible re-use for assets like trees and the like).

I’ve been inactive for a while – hopefully I’ll be able to create a bit more content the following weeks. I’m diving back into Kismet and hopefully getting a better understanding of how everything related to that works – so I can be of more value to my development team, and further improve my own understanding of the Unreal Development Kit.

Enough talk, here’s some shinies.



Unreal Engine Cascade – the engine’s particle system

A quite simple set-up in terms of the particle system itself. Using the right nodes and settings gets a lot of the job done very easily.



Unreal Static Mesh Editor – Geometry of imported FBX model simplified through Simplygon

Low res model to restrict memory usage and generally make sure the effect won’t eat away and pull at resources used for content and meshes in the scene/level.



Diffuse texture map created with Adobe Photoshop

Based on a photo source. Repainted to get the right look for the overall design in the game, making the effects click together with the rest of the game objects is pretty important.