Published December 18th, 2012
Category Blog, Development

That is a fun sounding, made up word. A while back I wrote that I was working on a small side project, a game developed with XNA, – and that is what I have been doing when I’ve had time the last couple weeks. I’ve made a few asteroids / meteors (whatever you wanna name it) at around 14 frames each. All done pixel by pixel for each individual sprite.

I’ve redone the original sketch designs of the player ship quite a lot. It’s now fitting the pixel style and is a lot easier to work with. I’ve also made some simple 3 frame sprites). I’ll keep this updated as I keep making assets, it’s a bunch of fun and something that is different compared to my usual work in development.

Here’s a few I’ve made so far



Next on the list of tasks to do is ideally making the ship “bank” to left and right, for now it is visualized by blinking a light in the direction you move. I’m also planning a blast of small sprites (lets call them particles) that emit when the meteors get hit by the ship’s projectiles, also a sprite for the disappearance of the meteor.

Other things I might make if the development goes further is assets for power ups, shield, continuous projectiles (single beams that animate), opponent ships.