Project Bark

Published November 6th, 2012
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Project Bark is the result of my bachelor thesis at Hedmark University College. Our thesis and goal for the project was to create a “student game” that was visually pleasing and an idea that had potential to be taken further.

The development team numbered a total of six people, developing in the Unreal Development Kit (Unreal Engine 3).

My tasks on the team consisted of

I also dipped my hands in a small amount of Kismet and Matinee for simple things like playing sounds, fracture within a triggered area on a key press, or playing a fly through cutscene.

The project won several student developer awards




Tileable Ground Textures (rocks furthest right are foliage meshes)



Before and After (loops and changes state every 3 seconds)




Showcased levels put together by Steffen Rye and myself. Assets are made by Anders Schei and Peder Vollan. Check out the Bark Diary for more development related to this game.