Roofmoose logo

Published October 10th, 2012
Category Blog, Design, Logo

The design process behind this logo has been quite lengthy, Roofmoose is a start-up independent game developer where I’m working as an artist and level designer.

The story behind our name originated from a news story about a moose who got stuck on the roof of a mall and fell into its own death. It’s quite random. We needed a logo for branding ourselves, but we weren’t exactly sure what to go for: Do we make a very literate illustration of a moose on a roof, or do we skip that and just make something that will stand out and overall work as a good and unique logo?

I sketched out some quick concepts depicting both of these questions. After discussing it back and forth with brainstorming and iterations we got to the conclusion of making something that looks good, is minimal, and suits the name.

My ideas on the left, finished logo on the right.