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Published July 27th, 2013
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Quite recently (two-three days ago) I decided I should dust off and polish my old Twitch channel and perhaps start to actually stream some sessions with fun of playing games, drawing, sketching, designing particle effects, or creating content in Unreal Development Kit. Whatever purpose I end up using it for, I think designing  overlay items and a “profile” for my own Twitch channel can be a nice experience. I also wanted this post to document the streaming solution I ended up with, as well as how I have all of that set up.

So.. I’ve done a few design elements already, the logo for my channel, the “theme” idea (geometrical shapes, mostly skewed/distorted squares) as well as the name. What I haven’t really landed on yet is the complete overlay design (pause screen, elements surrounding webcam/song ticker, etc.) as well as how I best should publish the streamed content (Youtube? Blog? Let it stay in the Twitch channel?).


Streaming software

Searching through good old Google I found something amazing, an open source (usually free) streaming alternative to the big, bloated, money demanding bigwigs. Open Broadcaster Software is, while perhaps not as intuitive and streamlined as XSplit, brilliant. It’s in the early beta stages, but the project has already gotten a good amount of developers and supporters behind it who have made important plugins and contributions. Their API is released, if you’re a developer you can jump right in.

So ok, here’s some sort of guide on setting it up. This is stream settings that works for me on a line with 5 mb/s upload.


1. Software

– Head over to
— Download
— Install and run


2. Plugins

– I would suggest visiting the forum and finding useful scripts/tools,  here’s two
Dashboard_Lite (Twitch dashboard, link it to your account and easily update your stream title and what game you play. Also has your stream chat integrated.)
Currently Listening (Song ticker, support for many known media players like for example Spotify and Winamp)


3. Settings

– Settings, Encoding settings
— Follow the guide written in this forum post
— Basing the settings around your upload speed is advised
— Under Video I would set Filter to “Lanczos” (again, base it on your upload speed, more samples requires more speed) and 60 FPS. Downscale the resolution if your PC can’t handle it.


4. Setting up your scene

-Scenes & Sources
–Set up your scenes (I use “Main” and “Pause” so I can easily manage overlays)
–For sources you want a Monitor Capture in the bottom of the layer stack
–Add whatever you feel like on top of this (I use Currently Listening tool to display a Spotify ticker, my channel logo, and sometimes an overlay setup with webcam)
–Mine is set up like this

-Start streaming!


Stream and channel design

Twitch channel – I decided to go with a pretty abstract logo and feel. Not sure why, but I like it. Spent around 50 minutes squeezing my brain for an idea before it all popped up. I’ll definitely spend a lot of time figuring out the complete wrap for the overlays I will use while streaming though. I have some ideas. Collection of the designs used on the page, my wallpaper, logo.


But.. wait

Yes! I will actually stream. Not sure how much or how often yet.