Hide the WordPress Admin Bar

So the initial install of WordPress has this thing for users being logged into your WordPress where it displays an admin bar at the top of the webpage. It’s not completely useless as it has quick access to your dashboard and some page information like visitor statistics. What it does however is make some designs seem a little odd and inconsistent to visitors.

You’ve might been wondering how to hide it. Luckily there are a couple of solutions depending on what you want. One very simple and the other one a breeze, if you know how to fiddle with your settings files.


Hiding the WordPress admin bar for yourself

This is the simple one. Simply go into your Dashboard, click Users and uncheck Show Toolbar when viewing site.



Hiding the WordPress admin bar for all users with editing permissions

On your Dashboard in appearance > editor > functions.php or on your webserver in wp-content > themes > <your current theme> > functions.php

Add the following snippet of code to your functions.php file and save it.

if (!current_user_can(‘edit_posts’)) {



Every user with the Edit permission and higher will now have the WordPress Admin Bar hidden.