Popping the Tattoo Cherry

A few weeks ago, I decided to finally get a tattoo. I have always liked tattoos and how they look on people, but I have never really been able to decide on what to get. I think this stems from several reasons, but the difficult decision for me comes down to decision. A tattoo will potentially be there on your skin for the rest of your life, on top of having to decide what to put on that skin and in the right spot can be difficult!

What do I find interesting and like? Now and further into my age?

What do I care about?

I started the process by going through what I’m especially interested in and like. I am the kind of guy who overthinks and usually analyse things into a molecular level. I suppose I could say I have done that in this case as well, I have thought of getting a tattoo for several years after all. In the end I went the “you only live once” route.

I wanted to get something simple and not overly designed nor complicated. This was my first tattoo and I had no idea if it would hurt, or how I would handle the pain and process.

So.. I sat down one night after our son fell asleep and went into sketch mode. What do I like? I like geometry, I like minimalism and I like dinosaurs! I went on an inspirational journey through Google searches while doodling. I ended up doing a mockery of the ideas behind spirit animals (I have personally never understood it), a bunch of geometry and minimalism. I joke about Godzilla being my spirit animal.

I ended up deciding on the underside of my right lower arm for placement, wanting to make a full sleeve one day.

After several weeks of care and attending the tattoo has now finally settled and is free of scarring. Here’s how it looks on my actual arm!