I’ve made something and this time it’s a hand crafted thing! You may or may not have heard of Munny, a vinyl (plastic) figure that ranges from a couple inches to a gigantic four feet (I know!). Jump over to KidRobot.com (link opens new tab) for more Munny goodness.

It’s a popular do it yourself toy as the standard model comes in a clean white vinyl that begs to be doodled and / or fiddled with. I’ve seen people sculpting additional shapes onto it and doing awesome stuff, the sky is the limit. If you’re low on ideas, a simple Google search (link opens new tab) will fill your mind with a huge bowl of delicious inspiration.

I’ve recently been having a thing for the doodle style, anything from squiggly lines on a post-it note to more understandable figures on digital canvas. I’ve coincidentally had a six inch Munny laying around for over a year and finally thought I would do something about that! I went out to my favorite hobby shop and bought a primer, fine grain sandpaper, two fairly nice paint brushes (one thin and one slightly thicker) and two tubes of acrylic paint (black and turquoise). I sat down and at first scratched the top of my head, several times, as neither painting with a physical brush nor using acrylic paint is something I am confident in, so I had to.. figure it out.

After staying at it over three weekends and a few week days I finally arrived at somewhere I felt I could call done (roughly 12 hours). I’m happy with the results, Munny now happily resides in my man-cave/stroller storage/baby-accessory storage/office along with his pals Balloonicorn (Team Fortress 2), Batman (Funko Pop!) and Tiny (Dota 2) and a fidget cube.